FRHC Title I Complaint

FRHC Title I Complaint Procedure

Definition of a Complaint

A complaint is a signed written statement that includes:

  1. an allegation that a requirement applicable to the Title I local educational agency (LEA) program has been violated; and
  2. information that supports the allegation.
Who May Complain

Any parent, teacher, other concerned individual(s), or organization(s) may file a complaint.

All complaints must:
  • Be written;
  • Be signed by the person or agency representative filing the complaint and include contact information;
  • Specify the requirement of law or regulation being violated regarding the provision of Title I services and the related issue, problem, and/or concern;
  • Contain information/evidence supporting the complaint; and
  • State the nature of the corrective action desired.
Complaint Procedure
  1. Receiving Complaints:
  2. Complaints should be formally registered with the FRHC Title I administrator Jessica Poe by using the form below.
  3. Investigating Complaints:
  4. Upon receipt of the written complaint, the LEA will investigate the complaint within 30 business days.
  5. Resolving Complaints:
  6. The LEA will resolve the complaint within 30 business days.
  7. Appealing Complaints:
  8. If the LEA fails to resolve the complaint or fails to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the complainant, the complainant can appeal to the Indiana Department of Education’s Title Grants and Support division.