Hope Elementary will work cooperatively between school, home, and community to create and maintain a positive and safe environment where all have the opportunity to learn and teach.

Welcome to Hope Elementary School!

Hope Elementary is the home to approximately 500 students and approximately 34 teachers. We take pride in our strong academic achievements and ability to provide a 1:1 learning opportunity for our students in order to equip them with 21st century skills.

The staff at Hope is committed to high expectations for all students and to providing the best possible learning environment. It is our belief that we are partners in the education of your children. We will continue to work together as a team of students, parents, teachers, staff, and community as we encourage your children to grow in many ways. We want them to believe in themselves, achieve knowledge, gain positive social skills, and treat others with kindness. We expect our children to become well-rounded adults, contributing to our community as a result of their experience at Hope Elementary.

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